Deqiang Qiu

Deqiang Qiu, PhD

                             and Biomedical Engineering

Education: Tsinghua Univ., Bsc. The University of Hong Kong, Phd; Stanford University, Postdoc

Dr. Qiu is an imaging scientist with interest in the development and application of advanced imaging techniques and computational modelling to advance our understanding of human brain functioning as well as to improve human healthcare.


Junjie Wu, PhD

Dr. Wu is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in CN2L. He was trained in neuroimaging and computer science. His research interest include cerebrovascular reactivity, functional MRI, perfusion imaging and machine learning.


Qixiang Lin, PhD


Salman Shahid, PhD


Antoine Hone-Blanchet, PhD


Jeremy L. Smith, PhD

Jeremy Smith is a neuroscientist with expertise in human and animal neuroimaging, and in resting state MRI particularly. Following undergraduate studies at Georgia State University, he obtained his doctorate from Michigan State University in 2008 and has since held postdoctoral and faculty positions in medical physics, neuroinformatics, and neuroimaging. Dr. Smith's primary focus is on leveraging deep neural networks for the analysis of resting-state data in Alzheimer's Disease.


Lingyi Peng, Bsc

Lingyi is currently a first-year master student at Emory University majoring in Biostatistics. Her research interests are Neuroimaging and Computation Science. She is currently working on statistical analysis for imaging data in Alzheimer's Disease.


Leo Chen

Leo is currently a junior at Emory University double majoring in Biology and Economics. He is currently working on MRI Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease.


Administrative Assistant


Past Lab Members

Christopher Leatherday, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ganesh Chand, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Shiyang Chen, PhD, Graduate Student

Ke Qi, Msc, Research Assistant

Sudhanshu Manda, Graduate Student(2017-2019)

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