Description: This plugin calculates FA, Mean diffusivity (MD), largestest (D1), second (D2) and smallest (D3) eigen diffusivity, radial diffusivity (Rad) and color coded FA maps from DTI images.

Author: Deqiang Qiu


Version: 1.6

Contact: Please send comments or questions to Deqiang Qiu qiudeqiang@gmail.com.

Download: Expand the archive DTIMap.osirixplugin.zip and double-click the plugin icon (or put the plugin into your Library/Application Support/Osirix/Plugins folder.). It may be neccessary to restart Osirix.

Youtube Tutorial:

Compatibility: OSX 10.9.2; Osirix: v5.6. Check out history versions

Acknowledgements: Brian Hargreaves, Kyung Sung, Michael Moseley. Original ADCMap source code was provided by Brian Hargreaves.

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